Temporary work agencies / Brief overview

Brief overview of the collective agreement

editorial note Source: Gewerkschaft PRO-GE

Blue-collar workers / white-collar workers
Blue-collar workers

Applicable in

In force since
1 January 2023

Results of the latest round of negotiations
  • Increase of the minimum hourly rate by 7.99% on average (BG A: 8.55%)
  • Overpayments unchanged

Minimum wage / minimum salary
  • EUR 12.06 per hour for unskilled workers
  • A minimum of EUR 12.06 per hour for semi-skilled workers
  • A minimum of EUR 15.19 per hour for skilled workers
  • EUR 2,018.84 minimum wage per month for 38.5 hours per week
  • During an assignment, higher wages may have to be paid as set forth in the user undertaking’s collective agreement (reference supplement). ⇒ See www.leiharbeiter.at (available in German and other languages)

Supplements and allowances
Same provisions as those applying to comparable workers under the user undertaking’s collective agreement.
If the user undertaking is not subject to any collective agreement, the provisions of the Collective Agreement for the Iron and Metal Manufacturing and Processing Industry apply.

Working time
The regular working time is 38.5 hours per week

Notice periods
At the end of an assignment
, the employer may terminate the employment
no earlier than
five days after the assignment has ended.
Notice of termination
no later than on the last day of the working week as per the end of the working week.
Notice periods
according to the length of the employee’s employment period with the company:
up to 3 years 2 weeks
up to 5 years 3 weeks
up to 10 years 5 weeks
more than 10 years 7 weeks

Please note: Expiry of claims
Please note that certain claims arising from the employment relationship (e.g. overtime pay, compensation for travel expenses as well as certain allowances and wage supplements) with the employer
lapse within six months
unless asserted in writing (although there are exceptions to this rule).

Important information
The Collective Agreement for Temporary Work Agencies governs minimum wages regardless of the type of temporary agency work.
If the user undertaking’s collective agreement provides for higher minimum wages, these will apply.
In certain sectors, employees are entitled to a reference supplement (high-wage sectors).
The remuneration for the specific assignment has to be specified in the assignment sheet (
) pursuant to Section 12 of the Temporary Agency Work Act (
Arbeitskräfteüberlassungsgesetz, AÜG

Other results achieved regarding socio-political aspects
Anniversary bonus:
after 10 years of employment 25 % of the minimum wage
after 15 years of employment 25 % of the minimum wage
after 20 years of employment 50 % of the minimum wage
Leave periods
taken into account in full
when determining the notice period, the duration of entitlement to sick pay, the duration of annual leave, the anniversary bonus, the switch from employee group A to B and when determining severance pay. According to Section 23a Para. 3 of the Austrian Salaried Employees Act (
Angestelltengesetz, AngG
) in conjunction with Section 2 of the Workers’ Severance Pay Act (
Arbeiter-Abfertigungsgesetz, ArbAbfG
) this also applies if the employee has been employed by the company for five years (requirement for termination upon child birth regarding the entitlement to severance pay).