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Brief overview of the collective agreement

editorial note Source: Gewerkschaft der Privatangestellten, Druck, Journalismus, Papier

Blue-collar workers / white-collar workers
White-collar workers

Applicable in

In force since
1 May 2020

Results of the latest round of negotiations
  • Increase of minimum wages under the collective agreement by 1,6%
  • Increase of apprenticeship pay by 1,6%
  • Actual wages: 1,6%
  • € 150,00 Corona-Bonus

Minimum wage / minimum salary
  • Simple tasks: EUR 1,892.00 (beginner’s salary)
  • Tasks requiring qualification: from EUR 2,242.19 to EUR 2,896.77 (beginner’s salary)
  • Tasks requiring high qualification: EUR 3,331.51 (beginner’s salary)

Apprenticeship pay
1st year of apprenticeship: 896.88 1,121.10
2nd year of apprenticeship: 1,121.10 1,457.42
3rd year of apprenticeship: 1,345.31 1,681.64
4th year of apprenticeship: 1,793.75 1,905.86

Supplements and allowances
  • Dirt allowance: EUR 0.545 per hour
  • Hardship allowance: EUR 0.545 per hour
  • Hazard allowance: EUR 0.545 per hour
  • Allowance for shift work: EUR 0.478 per hour (2nd shift), EUR 2.651 per hour (3rd shift)
  • Allowances for night work: EUR 2.651 per hour

Working time
The regular working time is 38.5 hours per week.
Supplement for extra hours: usually 50%, during specified times 100%.
Supplement for work on Sundays: base remuneration for one hour of overtime
Travelling time is working time

Notice periods
According to the Austrian Salaried Employees Act (
Angestelltengesetz, AngG

Please note: Expiry of claims
Please note that any claims arising from the employment relationship with the employer expire within three months unless asserted in writing.

Other results achieved regarding socio-political aspects
  • Special payments: Christmas bonus (
    ) and annual leave bonus (
  • Parental leave periods are credited (16 months per child for advancements (
    ), full crediting under the former severance pay scheme, otherwise a total of 22 months)
  • 1 week of educational leave per year
  • Comprehensive provisions on business trips
  • Converting monetary claims into credits on the working time
  • 24 December and 31 December are days off work
  • Anniversary bonus