Posting of workers platform

What information does this website provide?

As the division of labour becomes increasingly globalised and business activities more closely intertwined, companies and organisations are more frequently deploying workers across international borders.
Companies post their employees or hire them out to a company in another country, where they are to work temporarily and achieve specified business-related results.

The European Union and Austria as an EU Member State are committed to the principle of ensuring that employees who are posted to another country work under the same conditions as all workers in that country.

Companies outside Austria that post or hire out workers to Austria must accordingly comply with minimum wage requirements and other employment regulations applying in Austria.

This website provides companies and their employees with information concerning the posting and hiring-out of workers to Austria.

Here you will find information summarising, for example, Austrian minimum wage requirements and employment regulations and concerning the steps required to ensure compliance with these laws.

The specific topics cover questions such as:

  • Which regulations must be observed when posting and hiring out workers to Austria and what are the claims such workers may have?
  • What procedures apply in such cases?
  • Which institutions are competent and can provide further assistance?

The sections on ‘Minimum wage’ and ‘Collective agreements’ help you identify the minimum wage applying in your case.

Important terms used in connection with posting or with cross-border temporary agency work, as well as conditions related to these areas, are explained in the section entitled ‘Terms’.

Special rules apply in some cases when posting or hiring out workers for construction works. You will find details under the menu item ‘Construction works’.

To view the complete version of the Austrian regulations on posting and cross-border temporary agency work, refer to ‘Legal framework’.

A list of links to institutions providing information by phone or mail as well as assistance for special needs can be found under ‘Information and links’.