Posting of workers platform

This website, the posting of workers platform, provides companies and their employees with information concerning the posting and hiring-out of workers to Austria.

Undertakings having business activities outside of Austria provide services in Austria.
To provide these services, they deploy workers from other countries, post the workers or hire them out for the cross-border provision of services.
Specific provisions under Austrian labour law apply to such workers for the time of their work in Austria. These provisions need to be complied with at all times.

This platform provides information relating to the posting and hiring-out of workers – i.e. the rights and obligations that apply and need to be complied with while working in Austria.

The posting of workers platform is Austria’s official national website as referred to in EU Directives 96/71/EC and 2014/67/EU. The platform is operated by the Federal Ministry of Labour and the Economy jointly with the Construction Workers’ Holiday and Severance Pay Fund (BUAK).

While intended primarily for workers and employers, this information also addresses any interested parties.

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All the information is available in these languages: German, English, Hungarian, Polish, Czech, Slovak und Slovenian.

What are the criteria to constitute a case of posting of workers to Austria?”
A posting of employees is the case where an employer posts their workers to Austria, either to

  • perform a service provision contract or
  • to work at a company branch in Austria or
  • to work at another undertaking in Austria belonging to the same company group.

What are the criteria to constitute a case of cross-border hiring-out of workers of workers to Austria?
Cross-border temporary agency work exists where

  • an undertaking requires their workers to relocate from another country to Austria
  • in order to perform work at another undertaking and under that undertaking’s direction and supervision.

The posting and hiring-out of workers is tied to formal requirements, entitlements based on labour law and a number of other obligations.
These are explained in detail under the various menu items.

A summary of the most important information can be found here.

Where workers are posted or hired out from an EU Member State or from a non-EU Member State (“third country”) and where differences exist, the regulations applying to third countries are pointed out separately.