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Which collective agreement applies in my case?

Find the collective agreement applicable to you

Here you can look up collective agreements and specific contents of such agreements.

First, determine the Austrian collective agreement applicable in your case – Search information:


Second, retrieve the specific items of the applicable collective agreement. Please note the following:

  • The full text of collective agreements is available only in German.
  • Brief overviews of the main collective agreements give details about content and the minimum wage range.
  • The brief overviews are also available in English, Hungarian, Polish, Czech, Slovak und Slovenian on the websites for the specific language:
    • by following the links to all of the brief overviews
    • or by entering, in the particular language, a search term in the search form on the website for that language.
      Use the original spelling in that language including any special characters.
  • The brief overviews of minimum wages provide only initial information on the framework within which the specific minimum wage level is to be determined.
    The minimum wage in the specific case derives only from the collective agreement. The full German text of the summary for the collective agreement can be viewed on the English, Hungarian, Polish, Czech, Slovak and Slovenian websites by clicking “Deutsch”: