Posting of workers platform

Do exemptions exist from the obligations described on this website for certain kinds of cross-border assignments?

Yes, certain cross-border work activities or assignments that involve few hours for a brief period, and that take place as part of posting workers or of temporary work within a company group, do not fall under Austrian regulations governing minimum remuneration, registration and notification, or verification of pay levels.

Yet, exemptions apply to such work activities only as long as the workers concerned remain at those activities and do not later change to other types of work.

They include:

  • business meetings;
  • participating in seminars, presentations, conventions and conferences;activities as part of international programmes of advanced training and research at universities;
  • participation in trade fairs and similar events;
  • participation in cultural events in the areas of music, dance, theatre or small-scale performances and other comparable areas, which take place during an international tour, where only a small part of the work is performed in Austria when compared with the tour as a whole;
  • participating in or organising of specific international sports competitions;
  • activities in the cross-border transport of goods and persons (transport sector) and exclusively as part of transit traffic, as a mobile worker or as a crew member, where the worker’s customary place of work is not in Austria;
  • activities within a company group entailing a gross monthly pay level above a defined limit (this amount, which is annually adjusted for inflation, is € 6.937,50 in 2021).

Other exemptions apply to posting and hiring out special skilled workers within a company group for a maximum total of two months per calendar year and for the purpose of:

  • research and development, training by a specialist in the respective occupational field, planning project activities;
  • or sharing experience, business consulting, controlling or collaborating with departments of the company group which are responsible for central management and planning for more than one country.