Posting of workers platform

What documents do employers from countries other than Austria have to keep available?

Employers established in an EU or EEA member country or in Switzerland are required to ensure that actual or digital copies of the documents listed below are available at the place of work or employment in Austria:

  • evidence of registration for social insurance in another country (A 1 social security document) or, where at the time of the inspection the employer is able to provide written proof in German of the inability to have the A1 document issued prior to the posting, the application for issue of the A1 certificate document along with confirmation by the competent social insurance institution that the posted or hired-out worker is covered by the social insurance scheme of the posting country during the period of posting or temporary agency work (to be provided in German or as a translation);
  • a copy of notification of posting;
  • pay documents in German;
  • where the posted worker is not a citizen of an EU Member State or is a national of Croatia, a work permit issued by the posting country;
  • records of the hours worked.

In the case of cross-border assignments, the user undertaking in Austria is required to keep these documents available or make them accessible in electronic form. The temporary work agency is required to make the documents available to the user undertaking.
Where, however, a user undertaking posts workers to Austria who were hired out to the undertaking in another country, that user undertaking is required to keep the documents available or make them accessible in electronic form.

More details on this as well as information on where, instead of the place of work, the documents can be kept available can be found under the menu item “Formal requirements/Documents”.