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Construction works

Cross-border work provided in the construction sector fall under several special provisions that need to be observed.
Whether or not compliance with these special provisions is required depends on the term ‘construction works’ as defined in these provisions.

  • In the context of the exception for assembly (Montageprivileg) and of the liability of the client commissioning the construction works commissioning the construction works, the following are considered construction works:
    • In general, erecting, restoring, maintaining, converting or demolishing buildings
    • Specifically:
      Excavation, earthwork, construction work in the narrow sense
      Erecting and dismantling prefabricated elements
      Furnishing or equipping buildings
      Repairs to buildings
      Dismantling and demolition work
      Servicing and maintenance of buildings (painting and cleaning works)
      Refurbishment of buildings
    • Repairs and installation work on power plant equipment
  • With respect to the obligations arising in the context of the Construction Workers’ Holiday and Severance Pay Fund (BUAK), an activity is considered construction work when it can be classified under one of the types of businesses and activities listed below:
    • Master builder
    • Master mason and bricklayer
    • Construction firms
    • Bending and installation of structural iron
    • Demolition companies
    • Businesses whose owners are licensed to carry out masonry and bricklaying
    • Earth-moving, digging and ditching
    • Earthworks
    • Concrete drilling and cutting
    • Water regulation businesses
    • Torrent control and avalanche protection
    • Improvement work
    • Road construction firms
    • Agricultural road construction
    • Grinding out chimneys and flues
    • Thermal insulation of building façades
    • Master stone masonry businesses
    • Businesses whose owners are licensed to carry out the stone masonry trade
    • Cast stone manufacturing
    • Terrazzo installation firms
    • Roofing
    • Paving
    • Stove fitting businesses (except for manufacturing only)
    • Pavers and tilers
    • Master well sinker
    • Businesses whose owners are licensed to carry out the trade of well sinking
    • Deep drilling companies
    • Scaffolding rental
    • Construction equipment rental with operating personnel
    • Thermal, acoustic and fire insulation
    • Asphalting businesses
    • Bituminous pavers
    • Sealing against moisture and water under pressure
    • Stucco and drywall installation
    • Plasterwork
    • Installation of xylolite flooring
    • Screed manufacturing businesses
    • Carpentry
    • Businesses whose owners are licensed to carry out the carpentry trade
    • Parquet flooring businesses
    • Temporary work agencies hiring out workers to construction works
  • To determine which collective agreement a certain type of construction work falls under and thus the minimum wage required to be paid in Austria, the term designating that construction work needs to be matched with the corresponding activity in a collective agreement.
    To do this, consult the Allocation of activities in the construction industry to relevant collective agreements.