Iron and metal processing trade / Brief overview

Brief Overview of the collective agreement

editorial note Source: Gewerkschaft PRO-GE

Blue-collar workers / white-collar workers
Blue-collar workers

Applicable in

In force since
1 January 2021

Results of the latest round of negotiations
  • Increase of minimum wages by 1.45%
  • Increase of actual wages by 1.45%
  • Increase of apprenticeship pay by 1.45%
  • Increase of supplements and allowances under the collective agreement by 1.45%
  • Increase of compensation for expenses by 1.45%

Minimum wage / minimum salary
EUR 2,000.00

Supplements and allowances
Distance allowance, dirt, hardship and hazard allowances, allowances for work at night and shift work (2nd and 3rd shift), allowance for being away on a job, etc.

Apprenticeship pay
1st year of apprenticeship: EUR 701.91
2nd year of apprenticeship: EUR 883.88
3rd year of apprenticeship: EUR 1,164.65
4th year of apprenticeship: EUR 1,549.40

Working time
The regular working time is 38.5 hours per week.
Supplement for extra hours: usually 50%, during specified times 100%.

Notice periods
Notice periods according to the length of the employee’s employment period with the company:
  • Employee: from one week to six weeks
  • Employer: from one week to sixteen weeks

Please note: Expiry of claims
Please note that certain claims arising from the employment relationship (e.g. overtime pay, compensation for travel expenses as well as certain allowances and wage supplements) with the employer lapse within six months unless asserted in writing.

Other results achieved regarding socio-political aspects
Crediting parental leave periods towards notice period, entitlement to sick pay and the duration of annual leave up to 22 months.