Forestry workers, sawmill and farm workers of the Municipality of Vienna / Brief overview

Brief overview of the collective agreement

editorial note Source: Gewerkschaft PRO-GE

Blue-collar workers / white-collar workers
Blue-collar workers

Applicable in

In force since
1 January 2020

Results of the latest round of negotiations
  • Increase of all wage groups by 2.25%
  • Increase of apprenticeship pay by 2.25%

Minimum wage / minimum salary
  • Simple tasks: from EUR 1,782.21 bis EUR 2,022.47
  • Tasks requiring qualification: EUR 2,445.52
  • Tasks requiring high qualification: EUR 2,965.47

Apprenticeship pay
1st year of apprenticeship: EUR 877.67
2nd year of apprenticeship: EUR 1,115.51
3rd year of apprenticeship: EUR 1,979.10

Supplements and allowances
Hazard, hardship and children’s allowance

Working time
The regular working time is 40 hours per week.
Supplement for extra hours: usually 50%, during specified times 100%.

Notice periods
Notice periods apply according to Section 28 of the Vienna Farming Work Code (
Wr. Landarbeitsordnung
) 1990
For employers and employees: 14 days
after 1 year of employment 1 month
after 5 years of employment 2 months
after 15 years of employment 3 months

Please note: Expiry of claims
Claims expire at the end of the calendar year following the year in which they arose.

Other results achieved regarding socio-political aspects
  • Special semi-annual payments
  • Anniversary bonuses
  • Paid lunch break of 30 minutes