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Brief overview of the collective agreement

editorial note Source: Gewerkschaft vida

Blue-collar workers / white-collar workers
Blue-collar workers / white-collar workers

Applicable in

In force since
1 July 2020

Results of the latest round of negotiations
  • Salary levels are increased by 1.3% (1.1.2021).
  • Actual salaries are increased by 1.3% (1.1.2021).
  • Supplements subject to indexation and deemed a part of remuneration are increased by 1.3% (1.1.2021).

Minimum wage / minimum salary
Classification according to the ten employment categories (A – J) of the collective agreement, A being the “lowest” and J the “highest” category.
Minimum salary:
  • Working time of 40 hours: EUR 1,811,22 (1.1.2021)
  • Working time of 38.4 hours: EUR 1,755,24 (1.1.2021)

Supplements and allowances
Allowances for night work, work on Sundays and public holidays

Working time
The regular working time is 40 hours per week, but may be reduced for all employees to 38.5 hours by a works agreement.
Supplement for extra hours: 50%

Notice periods
For employers and employees:
up to 1 year 2 weeks
and for white-collar workers up to 1 year 6 weeks
> 1 year to < 2 years 6 weeks
> 2 years to < 5 years 2 months
> 5 years to < 15 years 3 months
> 15 years to < 25 years 4 months
> 25 years 5 months

Please note: Expiry of claims
Any claims must be asserted within nine months after their due date and/or after they became known.
After the termination of the employment relationship, any claims must be asserted within three months.

Other results achieved regarding socio-political aspects
Special payment: Christmas remuneration (
) and annual leave bonus (
Anniversary bonuses